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Anthem Broadband makes internet easy in Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Montana, and Nevada, proudly serving over 23,000 subscribers. We are the largest locally owned internet provider in Idaho, with over 300 towers and four locations to better serve our communities.

Our service is different because our wireless service is connected directly to our own fiber internet backbone, with redundant connections in both Seattle and Salt Lake City that ensure you will always experience a more reliable connection and a greater amount of uptime. The Anthem Broadband network is also managed very closely to certify that no access point reaches more than 80 percent utilization, which means your speeds won’t slow down just because a neighbor got online. It’s not the easiest thing to manage, but we believe it’s the right thing to do, and it’s why we advertise honest speeds instead of the “up to” speeds the other guys do.

Ready to join the Anthem? Use the map below to see if we have you covered or give us a call and our reps will be happy to verify coverage for you. Plus, we are always looking for new places to expand, so if you can’t find your location below, click here to fill out a service request for your area.

Areas We Serve

Proudly Serving the Following Communities