Hi! We’re Anthem.

The Anthem Business Group family of companies was formed to provide unparalleled services in internet, security, and home networking and automation. Why are we a family? Because we are more than just a company; we’re a community of people who thrive on serving our neighbors.

It is our mission to bring today’s technology to those who need it most—those who have been left behind by other providers who choose to build networks in dense metro areas offering the highest returns. Anthem sees the value in delivering strong connections to rural communities, despite the challenges we may face during a network build. Because we see it as in investment—not in ourselves, but in the communities, customers, and neighbors we care about.

Our History, Your Community

Take a look at some of the defining moments in Anthem’s history.

Created and began selling dial-up internet.

Implemented new technology to provide customers with wireless internet service.

Implemented new technology to create better backhauls for our wireless network. Expanded into the Treasure Valley and opened a second office.

Northwest Datacom created.

Anthem VoIP created.

Began construction of our Eastern Idaho wireless network.

Acquired West Yellowstone fiber network and began upgrades to make better service available to customers.

10 GB ring made.

Anthem Security created.

Changed our name to Anthem and began constructing fiber in Elko, NV.

Carey Idaho Fiber network completed. Started serving first customers in Elko.

Brought fiber internet to Shelley, ID.

Continued expansion and growth.

Anthem Values


Individual decision making combined with accountability is what makes ownership key. We set high standards for ourselves and encourage, inspire, and excite others to do the same. We are a team of self-starters who take immense pride in our work, and it shows.


Kindness is more than a part of our mission – it’s ingrained in our every interaction. We listen from the heart, think empathetically, and help each other grow. We strive to treat everyone, from teammates to customers, with a kind heart.


As a united team we support each other with a positive spirit and foster open, honest, and meaningful relationships. We celebrate and embrace our diversity. Synergizing the collective experiences, varied skills, and unique talents among us builds unstoppable momentum and drives unimaginable achievements.


We get stuff done! Our tenacious drive separates us from the crowd, and we challenge ourselves to improve and break new ground every day.


We grow our company by growing our people. We believe that the journey of education is a lifelong pursuit, and by growing ourselves and our employees we improve the company and the people around us.


We lead by innovation and drive value creation. Creativity drives true change and growth in all of us. It’s when we realize we are in control of our destiny that we can drive massive change.


Passion is at our very nucleus, and it drives and empowers everything we do. Passion elicits excitement, focus, creativity, and a hunger that inspires excellence and an unrelenting desire to build, grow, and serve others.

Employee Spotlight

At Anthem, we make internet easy for our customers. How? By hiring the most experienced, talented, and dedicated people.

Have you met Brenda?

Brenda Ceja, Customer Experience Manager

Brenda has worked at Anthem for about 6 years. As a manager, she is responsible for leading a team of tech support agents who help customers troubleshoot technical issues. She is also responsible for overseeing the quality of service, monitoring performance metrics, and implementing best practices for technical support.

Brenda is an amazing leader who cares about her team and provides instruction and feedback to help her department thrive. She creates a positive and motivational environment by setting small achievable goals for both her and her team.

: Meet Anthem

Say hello to Heather!

Heather Reed, Dispatch Agent

Heather has worked for Anthem for over a year now and is an amazing lead dispatcher. She loves creating a positive experience for customers, as well as her co-workers, as she makes sure that our tech routes are scheduled in the most efficient way possible. 

One of the most important aspects of her job is taking calls from both customers and the field team techs, bridging the gap until the tech arrives at the customers’ home.

: Meet Anthem

Benefits of Working for Anthem

Do you have the skills and commitment our company and our customers need? If yes, apply to join our team! In return for giving us your best, we will provide you with:

Ongoing Training for Career Development

Competitive Pay

Generous Medical and Dental Benefits

Substantial Anthem Service Discounts

A Friendly, Encouraging Workplace

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