Security Promise

Anthem Broadband values our customers’ security and wants to make their online experience safe and enjoyable. While Anthem Broadband takes precaution in monitoring, preventing, and identifying fraudulent behavior, customers should be aware of the possibility of fraudulent activity online. One recent form of online fraud is called “phishing.” Phishing is a form of Internet fraud whereby a person or persons, masquerading as a legitimate organization, obtain an individual’s confidential information through electronic means such as websites or e-mails. The unsuspecting individual merely believes they are complying with a request from a business that they are currently doing business with or wish to do business with. Unfortunately, the individual may not know their confidential information has been “stolen” for many days. An email asking you to confirm confidential or personal information about your account, or with an urgent request for financial assistance, may be phishing.

Please remember that Anthem Broadband will never contact you via email or phone to get your personal information, including your social security number or your credit card account information.

If you provided a credit card number to a phishing website, Anthem Broadband suggests that you contact your credit card company immediately. Additionally, each of the three major credit bureaus provide fee-based services that will automatically notify you whenever your credit record is accessed.

If you believe you have been contacted by someone posing as a Anthem Broadband employee, or have given personal information through a fraudulent website posing as a Anthem Broadband website, please contact Anthem Broadband immediately.