Employee Spotlight: Brenda

Brenda has worked at Anthem for about 6 years. As a manager, she is responsible for leading a team of tech support agents who help customers troubleshoot technical issues. In addition, she is also responsible for overseeing the quality of service, monitor performance metrics, and implement best practices for technical support. Brenda is an amazing leader who cares about her team and provides instruction and feedback to help her department thrive. She creates a positive and motivational environment by setting small achievable goals for both her and her team.

Brenda says that her favorite experience is when a customer asks to speak to her, and it’s simply to give amazing feedback about the tech they just spoke to. Getting those phone calls just shows the hard work and dedication that she and her team give to our customers. She states, “It brings a smile to my face for the simple fact that we are doing something right and knowing that the customer was satisfied with the service that we give them.”

Something most people don’t know about her is that Brenda loves gardening! Brenda says, “I have a secret passion for gardening! I love to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables in my backyard. I find it relaxing and rewarding to see my plants grow. Gardening makes me happy, and I enjoy it… Also, I used to be a rebel”

Brenda’s favorite thing about working at Anthem is the people that she is surrounded by. She tells us, “I’m surrounded by amazing and talented people who inspire me and support me. I feel valued and appreciated here, I’m passionate about what I do, and I have fun doing it.”

Brenda truly embodies Anthem’s core values of Ownership and Urgency, as she provides exceptional service to her team and to our customers, and she is talented at empowering those around her to reach their potential.

We are so happy that Brenda is part of our Anthem team!!