Employee Spotlight: Heather

Heather has worked for Anthem for over a year now and is an amazing lead dispatcher. She loves creating a positive experience for customers, as well as her co-workers, as she makes sure that our tech routes are scheduled in the most efficient way possible. One of the most important aspects of her job is taking calls from both customers and the field team techs, bridging the gap until the tech arrives at the customers’ home. As a leader, she is constantly working to make sure that her team has the support they need to do their job.

Heather’s favorite experience with a customer or project has been with our Community Outreach programs that Anthem has been supporting. She has loved being able to help the community and really interacting with people in the community. Heather says, “I think this leaves such a positive mark on those within the company, knowing they are doing something to be able to help and it also lets the community know we care.”

Not many people know that Heather is a childhood cancer survivor. She was diagnosed at 17 and went into remission at 19. This is certainly one of the reasons for her empathetic nature as well as her can do attitude!

When asked why she enjoys working for this company, Heather explains, “Anthem is unlike any company or corporation I have ever worked for. They are always in the know and they are passionate about their employees. I like to refer to Anthem as Big Business meets Mom and Pops. You have the small company feel and the Executives really care. Very family oriented, and even as they grow, the way they interact with you hasn’t changed. Anthem is one of a kind and you will never find another company like them!”

This love of her team, of her job, and of the company is what motivates her to come to work and to give 100%, she truly exhibits Anthems core values of Kindness and Unity!

It is easy to see why her team and everyone here at Anthem loves her so much!