The Best Internet in Shelley

Eastern Idaho

Nothing could be more fun than a tug-o-war into a vat of mashed potatoes at the Annual Spud Day. But if your Internet is as slow as trudging through thigh-deep whipped spuds, the fun is over. What good is Hulu or even that video from your cousin Rachel in Hawaii if you have to wait 10 minutes for each moment to buffer? Anthem Broadband brings super fast streaming Internet into your home. You could be connected in no time. And did we say reliable? When you live in Shelley, Idaho you want to stay connected with the world. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get a Facebook update when your granddaughter is making her debut into the world 500 miles away.

Unlimited Data

YES, really! Every package includes unlimited data, with no caps and no throttling of your speed.

Honest Speeds

You simply get the speeds you pay for, with no hidden fees or promises of “up to a million gigawatts!” Because of our active network monitoring technology, we ensure we don’t overload our networks like other providers.

Managed Wi-Fi Parental Controls

Built-in content and device management software makes it easy to monitor internet usage – and keep your family, kids and business safe online.

Wi-Fi Built In

Every system uses Anthem Broadband’s managed router with built-in Wi-Fi, keeping your entire home connected. This also makes it easy to resolve many tech support issues with a simple phone call.

No Credit Checks

We won’t pull your credit or require a social security number

24/7 Local Support

Local specialists available to help whenever you need.

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