Employee Spotlight: Colten

Colten has been with Northwest Datacom for about 4 years now. He is one of our Mainline Fiber Splicers, but his ability to do whatever is needed at any given time has made him indispensable!

Colten enjoys not only the work that he does, but his bosses and co-workers. He says, “I am thankful for my bosses and how they support and push me to be my best.”

One memorable experience that Colten has had here at Anthem is helping a customer in West Yellowstone. He had to come up with a creative solution to help this customer and it made the experience fun and memorable. Colten says that “I have enjoyed my time with Northwest Datacom and have experienced a lot of new things, whether its new locations, new problems with unique solutions, or jobs that open up more opportunities for me to continue to learn and grow.”

We are so grateful to have Colten on our team and feel that he is a great example of our Core Values of Growth and Creativity.