Core Values

Dear Valued Customers, 

I am thrilled to connect with you and shed light on the foundational principles that define Anthem Broadband. Our Core Values are not merely words; they embody the very soul of our identity, influencing our culture and fueling our commitment to excellence. I want to delve into a few of these Core Values that resonate deeply with our journey. 

Passion serves as the heartbeat of Anthem Broadband. It is the driving force propelling our unwavering dedication to providing you, our cherished customers, with exceptional service. It signifies investing our entire being into everything we do, and I am continually inspired by the boundless passion reflected in the outstanding work of our team. 

Growth stands as the cornerstone of our success. At Anthem Broadband, we embrace a commitment to growth in every facet of our business. We prioritize the professional and personal development of our team members. Excitingly, we are introducing new training programs, including lead training and in-service training, designed to support their career progression within our company. We firmly believe in offering opportunities that empower our team to realize their fullest potential. 

Moreover, our dedication to continuous growth extends to listening to valuable feedback from you, our customers. This feedback shapes our decisions and drives us to enhance our customer service continually. As part of this commitment, we are implementing a new customer service training program, ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest level of service to you at every interaction. 

Kindness is the thread that binds us together, reaching beyond organizational boundaries to influence how we engage with each other and, most importantly, with you. It embodies empathy, respect, and a sincere desire to make a positive impact. 

Our values are not mere rhetoric; they are the bedrock upon which we are building our future. We are passionate about our identity and the unparalleled level of service we provide. Our unwavering dedication to these values sets us apart and propels us forward. 

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. 

Warm regards, 

Jacob Larsen 

CEO, Anthem Broadband