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Why Automate?

Control your home, no matter where you go!

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Outsmart sneaky porch pirates! Get noticed of a delivery with your doorbell camera and even remotely unlock the door so the package can be left inside.
Door Locked
Turn lights on, even when you’re away to look like someone’s home or turn them on if you forgot
Lights On
Forgot to close the garage door? Simply pull up the app to see the status of the door, and click to close it.
Garage Open
Save money on heating and cooling by programming and controlling a smart thermostat from anywhere, using your phone.
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Why Security?

Peace of mind, all professionally installed and monitored.

Concerned about water damage? Leak Detectors alert you of issues before they could become more serious.
Smoke detectors provide added protection for your family, alerting you and the fire department to problems even when you are away.
CO detectors provide added protection, alerting you to problems since you won’t notice it on your own.
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Why Surveillance?

Smart solutions for being “in the know.”

  • All cameras are motion-activated to automatically beginning to record and sending you a notification when activity is detected.
  • Indoor Cameras, Outdoor Cameras, and Doorbell Cameras give you the flexibility to cover areas that are most important to you.
  • Get even more peace of mind by keeping an eye on kids and pets while you’re away.
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  • Basic Security with Cellular Communication
Video Lite


  • Basic Security with Cellular Communication
  • Remote Video Functionality (requires Wifi)


  • Basic Security with Cellular Communication
  • Home Automation Support
Video & Automation


  • Basic Security with Cellular Communication
  • Remote Video Functionality (requires Wifi)
  • Home Automation Support

Local Support

Our team is Idaho-based, and available to help whenever you need.

Grow & Customize

Anthem offers Home Security and Automation solutions that are incredibly versatile, and customizable to suit your needs. Our certified technicians work with you to determine which devices and services are best for you and your family. And we’ll be here, ready to help expand the service as your needs and family grow and change.