Setting up Guardian

Setting up Guardian

Getting the Most of Your Guardian Controls

Congratulations! You now have fast, reliable internet that the whole family can enjoy. Unfortunately, now you never see your family. But don’t worry, we can help fix that too!
Every residential Safelink plan includes our own Guardian Parental Controls for content filtering, Wi-Fi management, scheduling, and monitoring to help you regain control of your internet. And setting it up is easier than you would think.

Getting Started

How to set up Guardian on a Safelink Router
It’s easy. Guardian is already included with every Safelink router. All you need to do is activate the account.

How to set up the Guardian Mini (purchased separately) 
1. Connect one end of the ethernet cord into your Guardian Mini and the other end into your router.  
2. Plug in the power cord. 

Activating an Account 

1. Go to, you will be directed to a “Let’s get started page” and follow the prompt to put in your email. 
2. Once you have put in your email you will be directed to enter your name, address, and phone number. 
3. Enter your subscription information. This is going to be the email you want for logging into your account and receiving updates. Once you have added the email address pick a password and this will open your dashboard.
4. To get to the portal to manage your settings and devices, go to 
5. Once all the information is entered, you will be sent an email to verify your email address.  
6. If you have the mini it will guide you to a screen that asks to detect new hardware, you will say yes and click pair device.   
7. After you have verified your email and/or paired the device you will be directed to the “Getting started” dashboard. 

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