Internet Security

Internet Security

The internet gives you a lot of fantastic options for entertainment, education, and business. Unfortunately, it also comes with a lot of headaches regarding your private information and even your personal safety.

But have no fear—with Anthem's powerful security services, you can call on us to relieve those headaches. We can help you protect yourself both at work and at home. It’s another way we make internet easy!

Protect Your Home and Your Business

Commercial Security

Safelink can give your office secure, reliable access to the internet. In this age of hackers and malware, you need to ensure that malicious and unauthorized users can’t steal your important business information or interfere with your productivity. Safelink can help you do exactly that by:

  • Educating you on the importance of changing the username and password on your router
  • Providing your WiFi service with powerful encryption that will keep hackers from viewing your documents or data
  • Turning off guest networks so people can’t hog your bandwidth or access sensitive information 

Residential Security

Anthem can also give you excellent security for your home’s WiFi network. We can help you keep your family safe from online intrusions and harmful content. We know all the ways that people can leave themselves vulnerable to hackers and malware. Here are a few tips for protecting the people who use your residential WiFi:

  • Set up a password that’s too difficult for anyone to guess
  • Give the password only to people you absolutely trust
  • Equip your computer with a firewall to prevent unwanted access

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